Our Toys are made of Platinum Cure, Body-Safe, ISO-Certified Medical Grade silicone!

If you've ever experienced a reaction from a toy marketed as "skin-safe material," then you probably know there is only one material out there that is truly body-friendly: Platinum-cure silicone.  Other materials, including "traditional" silicone, leech out gasses and degrade over time.
Our 100% Platinum-Cure Silicone is sourced in the USA and iso-certified to be body-safe medical grade.  Silicone toys that don't specify "platinum-cure" are usually made of tin-cure silicone, which degrades over time and is not certified skin-safe.  We make medical-grade silicone toys because that's what we prefer using with our own bodies, so the only thing we need to worry about is "when and where!"  Platinum cure silicone is used by museums to create long-lasting replicas of three-dimensional artwork because of it's high purity and long library life.

YiffMonkey Toys are compatible with most major lubes. Other high-quality silicone toy manufacturers have mentioned that silicone lube can degrade a toy over time.  We have tried our toys with Gun Oil silicone lube and have not had problems.  If you are concerned, we suggest ordering our MonkeyPuck sample pack -- it includes all 4 firmness levels and you can try it with your favorite lube to check compatibility (please let us know your findings!).  Here is a list of lubes we have tried.  If you'd like us to test your favorite lube, please eMail us and let us know which brand you'd like us to try.  We have experimented with these lubes with no issue:  J-Lube, K-Lube, Fist Powder, Gun Oil silicone, COLT silicone, NOOKY water-based.

Our toys come in three standard firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm.  XtraFirm is available as special order.  Order a MonkeyPuck sampler if you're not sure which firmness is right for you, or if you'd like to try it out with your favorite lube.  Our MonkeyPuck samplers come with a coupon code on your first order!

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